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Stylianos Chr. Papademetriou

Stylianos Chr. Papademetriou


Stylianos Papademetriou is a member of the Piraeus Bar Association and has been admitted before the Supreme Court and the Council of State. Before founding KPP LAW, he worked for many years in the tax department (managerial position) of a “Big 4” company and acted as an of counsel tax-legal advisor for an Athens based international law firm.

With over twenty years experience in complex tax issues, Stylianos specializes in direct and indirect taxes (especially VAT), transfer pricing, DTT’s, international taxation law issues and acts as a tax- legal advisor on behalf of major enterprises and multinational groups.

He represents individuals and companies before the Administrative Courts and the Council of State. Stylianos has represented major companies in cases leading to the issuance of several landmark court decisions. In particular;

  • tax compliance certificate granted to companies by Certified Auditors under Art. 82 (5) of Law 2238/1994 (former ITC) and its impact on the right of the Greek State to make a tax audit (CoS 320/2020 - pilot tax trial before the Council of State)
  • duration of the statutory limitation period for the Greek State to impose taxes / incompatibility of Greek tax law provisions, with the Greek Constitution and EU Law, extending the statutory limitation period for the State to issue tax assessment notes following the five years period (Court of Appeal Decision No 628/2014, which is the  forerunner decision of the landmark CoS 1738/2017 decision)
  • duration of the limitation period in the events of late tax returns, submitted until and after the expiry of the 5-year limitation period (pilot tax trial Council of State - CoS 732/2019)
  • retroactive application of the more lenient law in the domain of tax penalties (Council of State)
  • submission of amending tax returns in relation to the notification of the mandate to the taxpayer (Council of State)
  • discriminatory tax treatment of foreign EU branches of financial institutions (Council of State)
  • validity of composition of the Code of Books and Record’s Committee for the rejection of accounting Books and Records (Council of State)
  • discriminatory taxation of individual taxpayers in case they receive dividends by Greek based entities-vs foreign dividends (Council of State)

He also has remarkable experience in the areas of commercial agreements and tax/legal due diligence.

Stylianos has numerous publications in several tax and legal magazines and the financial press about several tax issues. He has also participated as a speaker at numerous important tax seminars.

Stylianos, along with George Kerameus, is a research associate of the International Bureau of the Fiscal Documentation (IBFD) contributing IBFD with publications related to Greek Corporate Taxation (Country Corporate Taxation Survey (GR), Country Corporate Taxation Analysis (GR), Country Business and Investment Survey (GR).

Practice Areas
  • Tax Dispute Resolution
  • Greek and International Tax Law
  • M&A
  • Corporate Law and Commercial Agreements
  • Public Law
Professional Associations
  • Member of the Athens Bar Association;
  • Member of the Greek branch of International Fiscal Association (IFA); and
  • Member of Association of Greek Commercial Lawyers.
  • University of Athens, Law School (LL.B.,1994);
  • Athens University of Economics and Business (Diploma on Greek Tax Law, 1997)

Greek and English