Our tax practice, comprised of highly experienced tax lawyers, offers the full range of tax law services. The analytical ability of our tax lawyers ensures that they are able to provide our clients with high quality, innovative and business oriented services, as well as with practical and pro-active solutions, in the continuously changing area of tax legislation and practice.

While securing day-to-day compliance with local regulations and requirements, the primary goal of KPP Law is to assist our corporate clients in maximizing tax efficiency, both at a transactional and operational level in respect of business activities both in Greece and abroad.

Our tax partners have strong experience in advising clients on the full spectrum of direct and indirect tax law issues arising from commercial and corporate transactions, including M&A (sale of business, asset and share deals, mergers, intra-group re-organizations, joint ventures etc.), financing (equity or debt), acquisition and commercial exploitation of real estate property, employees incentive plans, etc., as well as other tax specific issues, such as thin capitalization, transfer pricing etc.

We also advise Greek and foreign high net-worth individuals in properly discharging their tax liabilities in Greece, as well as advising them in property, inheritance and other tax law issues.

The above advisory leg of our tax practice is paired by a strongly experienced tax litigation leg, since we represent and support our clients before all competent tax courts, as well as before tax authorities (tax audit procedures and out-of-court settlements).

Last, but not least, our tax partners are highly interactive in the Greek market of tax practitioners, through their participation as speakers at conferences and seminars, publication of articles in tax literature, representation of professional bodies before legislative commissions and memberships in tax related associations.

We have advised existing and prospective owners (individuals and legal entities) of real property located in Greece and abroad within the framework of transactions that include:

• Sale and purchase of residential and commercial properties
• Commercial lease agreements
• Sale and lease-back agreements
• Malls financing
• Real estate joint ventures
• Construction agreements and licensing
• Real estate investment companies

Our aim is to support from a legal perspective all types of legal entities, providing our clients with solutions relating both to their day-to-day activities as well as their significant commercial transactions. In this regard, we provide our corporate clients from a wide range of industries (such as retail, insurance, energy, banking, telecommunications, Information Technology, real estate etc.)  with the following, amongst others, corporate legal services:

• Advice as to the proper form, as well as incorporation, of legal entities, through which our clients conduct their business in Greece
• Drafting, as well as negotiating, the general commercial contracts, as well as more tailor-made agreements, on the basis of which our clients are supplied with or supply goods and/or services
• Drafting and negotiating all agreements which regulate our clients’ relationships with their company’s private stakeholders (shareholders, creditors, employees etc.)
• Corporate advisory and administration services, within the framework of any business transaction, which requires a resolution from a corporate body, such as General Assembly approvals and/or Board of Directors Decision
• Full scope legal due diligence services within the framework of Mergers & Acquisitions or corporate reorganization transactions
• Advising on corporate insolvency issues, both on behalf of the debtor company under distress or its creditors

In the context of our work with business clients and with the continuing emergence of intellectual property rights cases,  we regularly provide our clients with advice on registering, protecting, as well as defending their IP rights before the competent public authorities and courts.

In particular, our law offices have recently been involved in such cases at national and EU level, including agreements and/or disputes arising from:

• The protection of trademark (in the markets of consumer goods and alcohol)
• Patents (in electronic equipment)
• Industrial design (in the market of footwear and clothing)
• Copyright (protection of composers’ rights)


Competition law has become of increasing significance in recent decades. KPP Law provides very high quality services to the increasing number of companies that are affected by the enforcement of national as well as international competition law. Our dedicated lawyers have significant work experience in European, Greek and UK competition law, having worked on competition cases in support of corporate clients as well representing the enforcement authorities (the Hellenic Competition Commission and the UK Office of Fair Trading) in a wide variety of markets and sectors, including motor vehicles, media, oil, consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, detergents, books, movie distribution, and the insurance sector.

The multi-national and multi-lingual nature of our team allows us to understand the national policy concerns that shape global competition policy and to maintain strong relationships with enforcement agencies.  In parallel, we actively participate in the relevant academic debate with our lawyers’ internationally acknowledged research.

Our competition law practice supports companies in a full range of competition issues including:
• Notification of mergers and acquisitions before the competent competition authorities. We work with clients to develop their merger strategy, combining commercial, legal and often political considerations to maximise the chance of a successful outcome
• Advice and representation of companies involved in cartel cases, including applications for leniency, corporate statements and dawn raids. As fines increase, this can have a major impact on a company’s total financial exposure, both in terms of regulatory fines and damages from civil claims
• Advising on the procedural and substantive issues arising from abuse of dominance investigations both on behalf of dominant companies as well as complainants. Regulators in both Greece and Europe are committed to vigorous enforcement against such practices
• Advising clients on state aid, in particular in relation to the repayment of unlawful state aid and managing recovery proceedings
• Public procurement and utilities regulation
• Advice to and representation of companies in vertical restraints cases, such as licensing, distribution and franchise agreements 

Our lawyers also work closely with companies in the development and application of compliance programmes, which is key in the current political climate.



One of the most vivid markets and consequently rapidly developing areas of law in Greece in the last few years has been the market of energy. This is both due to the opening up of the energy market, as well as the emergence of the market of renewable sources of energy (RES).

Our lawyers have gained experience in the RES market including:

• Support to companies throughout the process of licensing of photovoltaic parks and representation of companies before the competent authorities, i.e.  the Regulatory Authority for Energy, the Hellenic Transmission System Operator S.A. and the various Ministries involved in the licensing of the projects.
• Advice and representation of companies in the process of financing of the projects.
• Legal support in the context of the development of those projects, by negotiating the relevant contracts with the suppliers and developers.

Our Offices have established long lasting relationships with (local and foreign) financial and credit institutions, to which we offer our legal services on all aspects of banking and finance business. 

More specifically, our lawyers have advised Greek and foreign financial institutions in their capacity as creditors and arrangers within the framework of various (including project) financing transactions, such as corporate bond loans (common, secured, convertible, covered etc.), direct or sub - participations to international facility agreements etc.

In addition, our lawyers have provided legal services to Greek credit institutions in their capacity as borrowers while receiving funding or protection by, as well as granting security to, foreign banks and international organisations within the framework of facility agreements, EMTN (Euro Medium Term Note) programmes, securitisations, derivative transactions etc.

Recent highlights include: 

• Acting for a major Greek credit institution (under its capacity as mandated lead arranger) and a syndication of Greek credit institutions in connection with a syndicated bond loan of €50m (approx.) issued by a major Greek paper manufacturer. 

• Acting for a major Greek credit institution (under its capacity as mandated lead arranger) and a syndication of Greek credit institutions in connection with a syndicated bond loan of €16m (approx.) by a Greek major jeans wholesaler. 

• We have acted as the legal advisors of a Cypriot Credit Institution, wholly owned by a major Greek bank, in the course of negotiating the facility and security documentation entered into with EIB for the provision by the latter of a €20mn facility.

• We have acted as the legal advisors of a major Greek credit institution in the course of negotiating the facility and security documentation entered into with EIB for the provision by the latter of a €50mn facility.

• We are acting as legal advisors to a major Greek credit institution under its capacity as financial intermediary for the implementation in Greece of a JEREMIE initiative, which involve co-financing of Greek SMEs through the use of EU structural and the financial intermediary’s funds, for a total amount of EUR 20mn.

• We have acted as Greek legal counsels of a foreign financial institution while entering into GMRA and repo transactions on EFSF notes with Greek banks for a total value of more than EUR 500mn.

For more information on our Banking and Finance practice area please contact Mr. George N. Kerameus.


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