We support enterprises and groups of companies providing solutions to their day-to-day activities as well as their significant commercial transactions. In this regard, we serve corporate clients from a wide range of industries (such as retail, insurance, energy, banking, telecommunications, Information Technology, real estate etc.)  with the following, amongst others, corporate legal services:

• Advice as to the proper form, as well as incorporation, of legal entities, through which our clients conduct their business in Greece

• Drafting, as well as negotiating, the general commercial contracts, as well as more tailor-made agreements, on the basis of which our clients are supplied with or supply goods and/or services

• Drafting and negotiating all agreements which regulate our clients’ relationships with their company’s private stakeholders (shareholders, creditors, employees etc.)

• Corporate advisory and administration services, within the framework of any business transaction, which requires a resolution from a corporate body, such as General Assembly approvals and/or Board of Directors Decision

• Full scope legal due diligence services within the framework of Mergers & Acquisitions or corporate reorganization transactions

• Advising on corporate insolvency issues, both on behalf of the debtor company under distress or its creditors


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